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Plantation Style FurnitureSince most of the hike Moroccan south, they change their decor of the house to reflect the new lifestyle. Take a casual and chic approach to decoration, and no other decoration works better for this lifestyle as a colonial style furniture. Aka British colonial furniture, this timeless design in the houses around the world in temperate zones, where they are very popular at the beginning.
Plantation Style FurnitureColonial Furniture roots are not hard to define. From the first days of the British colonial era, leads us all the facilities to exotic outpost of the British Empire. At its peak in the Victorian era, this vast territory covered tape Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. British Colonial furniture also includes the areas in the British East India included, including the islands, now part of Indonesia and Malaysia. Every place, the large-scale plantation agriculture favors this type of furniture generally supported.
The furniture derives its great influence tropical environments where the wood grows. With local wood such as teak, mahogany, mango wood and allows a lot of the moisture absorbing found in this geography. As the wood expands and contracts, a large proportion of construction used, even natural grass and reeds to allow this movement as rattan. British colonial furniture contrasts with extensive use of dark wood with light armor, and defines the use of other organic materials such as natural stone or marble. There are also more creative uses materials such as coconut bark, crushed, peppers and even shells for decorative elements.
Plantation Style FurnitureNo other manufacturer that we represent embodies the vision of the British colonial Besides Bauer International. With their designs from their factory carved by hand directly on the island of Java (Indonesia), Bauer truly embodies elegance and functionality of this style from time proven. In fact one of the most simple elements of this style of Bauer’s Java plantation long, that is, to channel the most comfortable way of relaxation, the best of former British colonies.

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